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Success Stories


Learn Piano in 30days - Vince WilsonI wish I had your piano lessons 10 years ago, I’m sure that I’d turn to be another Bach or Liberace with your lessons. I always took piano lessons during summer but much to my dismay, I end up forgetting everything. I’ve learned so much from your piano lessons in just less than 30 days…far more than what I have learned in 5 summers of piano lessons. You put things together so well, your content is fantastic. I am convinced that anyone can learn how to play the piano with your lessons. Kudos to your site!

- Vince Wilson

Learn Piano in 30days - Hannah TaylorAfter many piano teachers that I studied with, your methods prove to be more effective. Studying with your lessons helped improved my piano playing skills. I am finally able to learn and read chords, also my first time to learn scales. Your lessons give superior instruction. Thank you so much!

- Hannah Taylor

Learn Piano in 30days - Melissa GriffinHi Katherine! I just want to let you know how much I appreciate your lessons. Your lessons are straightforward, simple and really effective. I never thought that I had the capability to play the piano and be musical. I don’t have enough time to practice as often as I would like. So it’s nice to learn at my convenience and at my own pace. This is something I’ve always wanted to do. Many thanks to your work.

- Melissa Griffin

Learn Piano in 30days - Melissa AndersonI can definitely say that this is a very good piano program. I used to hate reading music written on the staff, I always believed in hearing the music than reading it. My Piano Teacher recommended your program and I eventually tried it. I always played by notes for notes until I started getting your books. I wish I had learned of your methods before. I have developed a black style of playing. Thank you for turning my music around.

- Melissa Anderson

Learn Piano in 30days - Rebecca MartinI’m giving a 10 out 10 for your piano guides. I’ve purchased a number of instructional DVDs in the past and was quite disappointed with them. While the instructors may have been very well know pianists and show some amazing stuff, they had no idea how to get the information across aspiring pianists. But with you, everything is explained thoroughly so you just don’t copy what you see, I actually find myself doing my own style. Keep up the good work!

- Rebecca Martin

Learn Piano in 30days - Chris BennettHi Katherine! I don’t usually write testimonials not even about good things, but your piano guides are beyond good. Believe me, I have bought a lot of books about piano playing, checked a lot of videos on the web and yes, there are many good pianists who are trying hard to help people but unfortunately, they are not very good at explaining things. Some are good but listening and watching your videos gave me motivation and the drive to play. I would recommend your website to anybody who is trying to learn the piano.

- Chris Bennett

Learn Piano in 30days - Cheng ChiongHey Katherine! I just want you to know that your lessons are really really effective. I have improved so much on the piano and I would not have achieved nearly as much without your lessons. Thank you for putting up this piano program!

- Cheng Chiong

Learn Piano in 30days - Bobbie HowardI recently purchased your lessons. It is great, it starts off perfectly and gradually builds. I took piano when I was about 8 and completely forgot how to play. After 7 days of sticking with your lessons, I am beyond where I was. I can’t get enough of the lessons now. Thanks!

- Bobbie Howard

Learn Piano in 30days - Georgia PowellThank you for your Jazz lessons, they are the best! I’m a classically trained musician and have tried shifting to Jazz but to no avail, none of the lessons out there would satisfy me. Thanks to your lessons, you have helped me come up with jazz chords and chord progressions. You made everything clear to me. I’m very happy with my Jazz playing now.

- Georgia Powell

Learn Piano in 30days - Sam JonesJust wanted to say thank you for your wonderful piano course. I just started my lessons two weeks ago. I must say that I never thought I would learn to play and now I am grinning from ear to ear as I learn from your piano guides. My schedule is so chaotic that I could never plan on lessons with a teacher – she’ll just quit on me eventually – so having your lessons is very convenient for me. This is a great present for myself.

- Sam Jones

Learn Piano in 30days - Caroline FisherI must admit that I was nervous and skeptical in coming back to piano lessons after 10 years. But Piano in 30 Days has helped get the kind of result I was looking for. Having had numerous teachers, I always felt that my musical knowledge was a bit like Swiss cheese with lots of holes to fill. I can say that I have learned more with your lessons than all the other lessons I’ve taken combined. Thanks!

- Caroline Fisher